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Kherson Factory ocupied workers council

The interests of workers can only be defended by the workers themselves! We offer to coordinate our efforts, creating the Coordination Committee of struggling teams in Ukraine. . This committee shall nominate a joint claim on behalf of workers in Ukraine and to coordinate joint actions to implement these requirements. We propose to put forward the following demands:

* No cuts! Workers should not pay for the mistakes of the owners of factories and the authorities!

*No bankruptcies and closures! * Nationalization of strategic factories and enterprises under the control of labor! In the first place where the owners cut jobs refuse to pay wages and destroy production.

*The confiscation of the bank accounts of owners of factories, and repayment of debts on wages, as well as payments to the budgets and pension funds.

Telstra workers want Unioin EBA protest Monday


Public Protest against Telstra's actions Support a good, union-negotiated EBA

12.30pm Monday 9 February Testra T Shop Crn Bourke & Swanston Sts Melbourne more info:


It ain’t left or right. It’s up and down. Here we all are down here struggling while the Corporate Elite are all up there having a nice day! —Carolyn Chute, author of The Beans of Egypt Maine and anti-corporate activist

"unlimited' French University strike

The pattern is clear: governments that respond to a crisis created by free-market ideology with an acceleration of that same discredited agenda will not survive to tell the tale. As Italy's students have taken to shouting in the streets: "We won't pay for your crisis!"

"unlimited" strike, French university strikes intensify Twenty cities across Frances see marches of lecturers and students over job cuts and status changes * Gwladys FoucheThursday 5 February 2009

Mexican Truckers Strike Feb 16th ? + Anti-Capo Party lead by French Postie

Mexican Truckers Declare Strike Mexico, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina)

Mexican transport workers confirmed on Thursday they will hold a national strike on February 16, urging the government to freeze fuel prices. The president of the Alliance of Autonomous Transport Workers, Jaime Soberanes, said five million workers from the sector will stop their activities that day to press the federal government cope with their demands. If no positive answer is made, the strike could drag out indefinitely, they warned. Soberanes stressed that the 75 percent reduction in the monthly adjustment in oil prices, announced last week by President Felipe Calderon, fails to solve the situation of transport workers, who have to face ever increasing prices.

The postman who wants to deliver the end of capitalism

Euro-wide General strike ?

Global Strike to defend workers' rights against bosses and governments

FACTBOX-Global financial crisis sparks unrest in Europe

Feb 4 (Reuters) - Here are some details of protests linked to the global financial crisis:

* BRITAIN: -- A decision by France's Total to bring in Italian and Portuguese workers to build a unit at the Lindsey oil refinery in eastern England has triggered a week of protests by thousands of energy workers at sites around Britain.

* BULGARIA: -- Farmers blocked the sole Danube bridge link with Romania and rallied across Bulgaria on Wednesday. They are demanding the government set a minimum protective price for milk and stop imports of cheap substitutes, such as powdered milk. -- Last month Bulgarians staged rallies to demand economic reforms in the face of the global slowdown, calling on the Socialist-led government to act or step down. One rally in Sofia turned into a riot.

East Timor aviation workers year long struggle

Sacked aviation workers in Timor Leste win back pay

22 January 2009 Aviation workers in the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste, who were sacked from a ground handling company, have won US$30,000 thanks to the concerted efforts of their union.

Some 14 workers, employed by Timor Aviation Services, which used to provide Dili Airport with ground handling services, were sacked after they made official complaints over workers being underpaid. The union representing the workers, the ITF-affiliated Sindicato Maritime, Energy and Transport Workers of Timor Leste (SMET-TL), embarked on a year-long struggle to see the workers win justice and Timor Aviation held accountable. As a result, the Timorese government awarded the workers more than US$30,000 in back pay.

Tea Break - UK OIL wildcats - Ukraine factory Occupation & 3 notes on current crisis

A PDF of the February 2009 issue of the irregular workers' bulletin Tea Break, written and designed by users of, for general distribution. The freesheet focuses on wildcat strikes at refineries across the country, addressing issues raised by the conflict.


Workers occupied Kherson Engineering Factory (Ukraine) & elected a workers' council and list their demands. The workers of the Kherson Engineering Factory occupied an administrative building on the premises at 9.30 today. The factory guards offered little resistance, and none of the occupiers were injured. A 5-person workers' council was elected by a mass meeting at the factory gates, with Aleksey Nimchinov mandated to negotiate on behalf of the workers. The council has taken the former technical director's office as a meeting room. The chair of the council, Leonid Nimchinov, has called on workers throughout the country to undertake similar actions in solidarity. Attempts are to be made to contact the workers of the Lviv Bus Plant and other factories.

Brazil's Landless Movement Turns 25, Opens "New Phase" of Struggle

Written by Michael Fox Wednesday, 28 January 2009 I

n the dying days of Brazil's military dictatorship, in late January 1984, a group of nearly a hundred "landless" farmers from across Brazil met in Cascavel, Paran' to debate the founding of a movement for agrarian reform which would unite landless campesinos and farm workers from around the country. It was an unlikely challenge in the world's fifth largest nation, where even today less than two percent of landowners control nearly half of the total territory.

The Deadly Face of Development: Struggle Against Evictions in Korea


On January 20th, an illegally and incompetently conducted raid on activists and tenants protesting their forced eviction from central Seoul left 6 dead. This incident ignited immediate and continuing demonstrations against police violence, massive redevelopment, and the administration that has exacerbated both of these issues.

South Korea's redevelopment projects have always met with fierce resistance, as landless poor were sacrificed for the profits of wealthy conglomerates. This violent crackdown in Yongsan neighborhood, however, has lead to an unprecedented show of support among diverse populations in solidarity with those struggling for housing and survival.

Clearly Up to Workers at Waterford Crystal

Waterford Occupation: A Snapshot Of A 'Tiny Ugly World' / Interview with Joe Kelly (UNITE)

Makeover A 'tiny ugly world' of greed, speculation, rampant insecurity and the 'disciplining' of workers unites those who occupied 'Republic Windows and Doors' in Chicago and the workers now occupying Waterford 'Crystal'.

Who held the gun to the head of the workers in Waterford? Whose actions called up the 'Starry Plough' ? Was it those of the 'Receiver'? He's the demon bad guy in the news reports. Probably because his surname suited the job!

What about O'Reilly ? An international capitalist widely famed for his obscene wealth. He seems like a candidate. Hiding behind the 'Receiver', shafting the workers whose lives he was willing to take a punt on, happy for the acclaim that came with a national brand. The editor of the Indo during the Lockout , way back when the 'Starry Plough' was a living symbol, most certainly deserved his depiction as an iron-heeled capitalist boot-boy.

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