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Skat murdered in Moscow, shot to head by an assassin.

Russian Anarchist, "Skat" Baburova Assassinated Anastasia "Skat" Baburova, 30.11.1983-19.01.2009 http://news.infoshop.org/newspics/2009/nastya.jpg

Our friend and comrade Skat was murdered today in Moscow, shot to head by an assassin. Assassin was not after her - he was after advocate Stanislav Markelov, another good friend and comrade. We do not know who was there to kill Stas - it could be associates of some war criminals he put to prison, it could be connected to some corporate crimes, it could be Nazis, many of whom Stas put to prison as well. List of achievements of Stas is so long, that it will take a couple of days to gather all of them to a necrology - and list of his enemies is even longer. But we know for sure, that Nastya had a bad luck of being in a wrong place in wrong time.

Greek anarchists pay for senior's torched kiosk

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Greek anarchists pay for senior's torched kiosk


THESSALONIKI, Greece - Two months after her kiosk was torched in local riots an elderly woman from Thessaloniki has received an unlikely cash gift from anarchists to rebuild her life, a press report said on Tuesday. "As anarchists, we felt we should support a fellow human victimized by blind violence," an organization calling itself Anarchist Initiative said in a statement sent to Eleftherotypia daily.

The anarchists set up a special bank account to support 74-year-old Harikleia Ananiadou and collected 13,000 euros ($18,000 US) for the cause. "We gave what we could, even beyond our means, because we know that it would be difficult for her to make a new start at her age," initiative member Panagiotis Papadopoulos told Angelioforos daily. "It was an act of solidarity to a woman who could be our mother," he added.

Rakon Arms Corp paint job (Aotearoa/N.Z.) + The Strongest Weapon of All LOVE

Catholic Worker gives Rakon Arms Corp paint job in Auckland (Aotearoa/N.Z.)

Youtube of Rakon Kills nvda (3 mins) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p47L9INLAw

Still photos http://indymedia.org.nz/newswire/display/76733/index.php

RAKON GETS A NEW PAINT JOB Today, at an Auckland protest against the invasion of Gaza and the contribution of the Rakon company to death and destruction around the globe, Catholic Worker Tyler Culpepper was arrested for an act of non-violent direct action. Tyler climbed onto the roof of Rakon's manufacturing facility and revealed the true nature of the Rakon company, using red paint to adjust the building's signage to say 'Rakon Kills', an accurate and unfortunate reality.

Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyeenner commemoration Indigenous Resistance Fighters Remembered

Melbourne's Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, along with about 60 people, commemorated the lives of two indigenous resistance fighters who, in 1842, were the first judicial executions in Melbourne.

Article on Sydney Indymedia: Melbourne's Lord Mayor commemorates Indigenous Freedom Fighters http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/story/melbournes-lord-mayor-commemorates-indigenous-freedom-fighters

Transcript of Robert Doyle's speech



Still Photos of 2008 and 2009 commemoration



Videos: Robbie Thorpe on Indigenous Freedom fighters Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner



Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle on commemmorating Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner



Humphrey McQueen on memorialising Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheener



5 killed as Korean riot police end sit-in by tenants + Oz squats - ourstory

"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." -Warren Buffet, the worlds richest man.

review of recent her-his-ourstory of squatting in Australia.


Five killed as riot police end sit-in January 20, 2009

FIVE people died in a fire today as riot police tried to break up a sit-in by apartment block residents. Firefighters said they found the bodies in the five-storey building in the Yongsan district of Seoul, South Korea not far from the US Army's Yongsan military base. Some 40 people had been staging a protest against a redevelopment project. 1400 helmeted riot police were mobilised to end the protest, media reports said, and 25 people were arrested. Police commandos were thrown into the scene only 25 hours after the initial staging of the protest. A team of 100 commandos landed on the roof in a shipping container to break up the protest by people who had camped for days in the five-story building in Seoul's Yongsan neighborhood, Seoul police said.

VIC Water Forum Feb 3rd midday muster outside Parliament Melbourne

The Victorian Water Forum needs you to join us in a muster & rally on the first day of Parliament in 2009, against the Brumby Government’s flawed water plans and short sighted decisions. The Desalination Plant and the North-South Pipeline Projects are damaging to the environment, wrong for our communities and too risky in these hard economic times.

• On 13th November 2006, Premier Bracks said about desalination, "the energy is enormous, the intrusion on the community is enormous, it's extraordinarilly expensive, and really what a hoax it is." The Brumby Government has no mandate for desal, and will perpetrate the hoax unless we stand up against this hypocrisy.

• Penny Wong says we can't save the Lower Murray and Coorong, but the Brumby Government North South pipeline will starve it by taking another 75 gigalitres for Melbourne.

Operation Unpunished LeadEduardoGaelano


Operation Unpunished Lead AUTHOR: Eduardo GALEANO Translated by Supriyo Chatterjee

To justify itself, state terrorism manufactures terrorists: it sows hate and harvests alibis. Everything indicates that this slaughterhouse of Gaza, which according to its perpetrators is for finishing off the terrorists, will achieve boosting them.

*** Since 1948, the Palestinians live condemned to perpetual humiliation. They cannot even breathe without permission. They have lost their country, their land, their water, their freedom, everything of theirs. They do not even have the right to choose their governments. When they vote for those they should not, they are punished. Gaza is being punished. It turned into a mousetrap without exit since Hamas cleanly won the elections of 2006. Something similar happened in 1932 when the Communist Party triumphed in the elections of El Salvador. Drenched in blood, the Salvadorans atoned for their bad behaviour and since then have lived under military dictatorships. Democracy is a luxury which not everyone deserves.

SPARKS - rank & file transport workers paper

SPARKS Rank & File Transport workers paper

According to the editor of Vic Rail news in Sparks - there has been a lot of interest by V-Line workers in the articles/interviews in the section - now various V-Line workers are getting involved and wanting to be interviewed for the section.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Sparks welcomes contributions in the shape of poems, cartoons, songs, articles by transport workers. Please mail to SPARKS PO Box 92, BROADWAY 2007 NSW Australia OR email rworker@chaos.apana.org.au

DISTRIBUTORS: SPARKS is always looking for people within the transport industry to distribute sparks on the shop floor. Please write or email rworker@chaos.apana.org.au for details.


What is Democratic Unionism?

Kenyan anti-rape community project

a community run and self organised self defence anti rape project run in kenya's slums.

I'M WORTH DEFENDING (IWD) is a modern Anti-Rape Self-Defense program based in Korogocho slum in Nairobi Kenya. We are a 10 member team of instructors who travel from slum to slum visiting schools, churches and community groups. We offer our lifesaving Self-Defense skills free of charge to women and children ages 7 and older. It is estimated that 1,240 women and children are sexually assaulted every day in Kenya. It is our goal to prevent these attacks by preparing our students to defend themselves and to infuse their efforts with the unalterable belief that they are worth defending... always.


I’M WORTH DEFENDING P.O. Box 23127- 00100, GPO Nairobi-Kenya Telephone + 254 724 97 30 57 iwd@fastermail.com

I’M WORTH DEFENDING PO Box 40728 San Francisco CA 94110 415 648 1338 info@IMWORTHDEFENDING.org

International developments in airport workers' struggles

International developments in airport workers' struggles

As recession and job losses seem imminent, airport staff across the world have been organising to oppose their negative effects. http://libcom.org/news/international-developments-airport-workers-struggles-17012009

Air France unions have called for employees to join mass strikes due to take place on January 29. A statement released last night by seven unions including the two biggest ones, the CFDT and CGT, called for employees to demand greater protection for jobs and pay in the face of the current economic crisis. The statement said: "While the management prepares to restructure, freeze pay and make discussions more difficult, our unions are coming together to join the national strike on January 29." Unions say employees, jobseekers and the retired are the greatest victims of a crisis for which they are not responsible.

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