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A closer look into the December uprising in Greece by Lola Rent

These nights are for Alexis: A closer look into the December uprising in Greece by Lola Rent Email: cacophony_collective@riseup.net 25 Jan 2009

Eleven days after the 15-year old boy Alexandros Grogopoulos was killed by a police bullet in Athens, I decide to travel to Greece. The following article is no news, nor is it an analysis of the news. It is an attempt to create more understanding of the inner workings of the uprising, the sociopolitical and cultural climate in which it took place and the movement behind it. It does not attempt to give an objective representation of the uprising instead it is written from a highly subjective perspective and a compilation of interviews I held with people from the anarchist/anti-autoritarian movement in Thessaloniki.


I travel to Thessaloniki.

Social Welfare for the Newly Jobless in Ireland

A Quick Guide: Social Welfare for the Newly Jobless by Vincent O'Malley Date Mon, 26 Jan 2009

Workers Solidarity Movement - Anarchist communist organisation in Ireland http://www.wsm.ie/news_viewer/

spoke to local Citizens Information Centre about some of the obstacles facing people who have lost their jobs. ----


What problems have people faced in accessing social welfare payments?

- --- In terms of jobseekers' benefit payments, people may not have paid enough social insurance (PRSI) to qualify. This may be due to a break in their work record, having been self-employed or, sometimes, due to their employer not passing on their PRSI contributions to the Department of Social and Family Affairs (DSFA).

20 Theses Against Green Capitalism

20 theses against green capitalism Mon, 26 Jan 2009 By Tadzio Mueller and Alexis Passadakis (12/2008). Alexis is a member of attac Germany's coordinating council, Tadzio a part of the Turbulence editorial collective. They are both active in the emerging climate justice movement, and can be reached at againstgreencapitalism@googlemail.com No to false solutions! Climate Justice Now! ---- 1. The current world economic crisis marks the end of the neoliberal phase of capitalism. `Business as usual' (financialisation, deregulation, privatisation...) is thus no longer an option: new spaces of accumulation and types of political regulation will need to be found by governments and corporations to keep capitalism going. 2. Alongside the economic and political as well as energy crises, there is another crisis rocking the world: the biocrisis, the result of a suicidal mismatch between the ecological life support system that guarantees our collective human survival and capital's need for constant growth.

New York is a Union town - IWWs march against wage slavery !

IWW New Yorkers March Against Wage Slavery Date Mon, 26 Jan


On a chilly Monday morning in midtown Manhattan, demonstrators displayed powerful messages of solidarity with food and retail workers, demanding fair wages and treatment while sending a prominent message to bosses: "You can't keep the workers down, New York is a union town!" On January 19, 2009, approximately 50 people braved the winter weather for the Industrial Workers of the World's (IWW) annual "March Against Wage Slavery" in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Starting at 11 AM outside the Starbucks Regional Office on 5th Avenue in the shadows of the Empire State Building, a radical marching band joined by union members and supporters rallied alongside Starbucks baristas to demand that workers be paid a holiday premium of time and a half for working on MLK Day?the only national holiday in which workers do not receive premium pay.

Quote of the day from Martin Luther King (compare and contrast with Obama's inaugural)

King”s April 1967 speech against  the Vietnam War delivered at Riverside Church, a year to the day 
before his assasination:

King audio

“We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a  person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.... True compassion is more than flinging  a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring..... This business of burning human beings  with napalm, of filling our nation”s homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields 

Ever notice how the people who work the hardest are the lowest paid?

In Iceland the banks are broken. All over Europe the bourgeois are trembling as the foundations of the capitalist system are being shaken by protests.

Dismissed workers occupy factory in Poland & Greek Protest

Dismissed workers occupy factory in Poland laureakai on Jan 22 2009


200 workers recently dismissed from Thomson in a Warsaw suburb occupy factory in the hopes of getting promised compensation. Thomson factory in the Warsaw suburb of Piaseczno produces TV glass (screens and tubes). A few years ago, the Indian firm Videocon purchased all of Thomson's TV glass factories. Videocon planned to restructure the company and introduce LCD production in Piaseczno. Of course it also wanted to move large parts of production to other countries and integrate with its glass panel production in India.

Thomson factories purchased by Videocon in Mexico and Italy did not fair well. In Mexico there was downsizing but in Italy this has been mitigated by state aid. (Videocon demanded huge incentives from the Mexican government.) The plant in low-cost China on the other hand, is "doing well". A couple of years ago, 5000 people were employed in the Piaseczno factory. 4700 people have been dismissed since Videocon purchased the factory.

United Farm Workers Caesar Chavez & Martin Luther King

"What does it profit a man to be able to eat at an integrated lunch counter if he doesn't have enough money to buy a hamburger?" Dr. King declared.

United Farm Workers Honors the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

UFW, 29700 Woodford-Tehachapi Rd., P.O. Box 62, Keene, CA 93531 ufwofamer@aol.com

http://www.ufw.org/ "

The simple act of refusing to buy table grapes laced with pesticides is a powerful statement that the growers understand. Economic pressure is the only language the growers speak, and they are beginning to listen. Please, boycott table grapes. For your safety, for the workers, and for the children, we must act together. My friends, Dr. King realized that the only real wealth comes from helping others. " Lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Address by Cesar Chavez based on April 1978 article in Maryknoll Magazine In March 1968,

Lampedusa - 700 escape detention & protest

700 migrants have broken down fences and escaped from the Lampedusa detention centre on the Mediterranean island in protest at the conditions there.


The camp was built for 850 detainees but currently houses over 2000. The UN recently urged the Italian government to address the "difficult humanitarian situation." After their escape the migrants converged on the town centre where they staged a protest, shouting "freedom" and "help us." The mayor of described it as Lampedusa "a very tense situation."

Gaza - 2nd Union Aid Plane lands & video pix

Second aid plane lands in Gaza 21 January 2009

Royal Jordanian Gaza aid flight lands in Al-Areesh airport A second ITF-chartered aircraft carrying aid for Gaza landed at Al-Areesh airport this morning. The Royal Jordanian plane touched down at 03:30 on Wednesday. The supplies, which include operating equipment, first aid supplies and burn dressings, are being transported through the Rafah crossing, between Gaza and Egypt.

Unions that contributed towards the cost of the supplies include Jordanian transport unions, other members of the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions as well as Tunisian and Lebanese transport unions. The aircraft returned to Amman early this morning. Bilal Malkawi, ITF Arab World Office, who was on board the flight, commented: “The process of unloading the plane has been more difficult this time, because there wasn’t enough equipment or people to help. But hopefully getting the supplies through the crossing should be easier than last time as procedures have been improved.” http://www.itfglobal.org/news-online/index.cfm/newsdetail/2979

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