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Pickets, protests, strikes, happenings!

Capos "shaken" not stirred (so far)

Almost 7,000 companies facing collapse: Dun and Bradstreet Tue Feb 17, 2009


A survey has found almost 7,000 Australian companies are close to collapsing this year. The survey's author, Dun and Bradstreet, says that is 12 per cent higher than last year. It says firms in the finance, insurance and real estate sector are the most at risk. Dun and Bradstreet's chief executive, Christine Christian, says the risk of insolvency has surged because businesses are not paying enough attention to their cashflow levels. "Many companies have been relying on cheap funding from banks and they have taken their eye off the basic fundamentals of business," he said. "That is what's emerging from the latest research, many businesses are just not managing cash-flow sufficiently."

Firesale Capitalism homeless "don't leave -squat!"

"Those left homeless by the bushfires are able to access emergency accommodation through Office of Housing staff at the relief centres in their area, or by calling the accommodation line on 1800 006 468. 600 units of public housing across Victoria will be made available for those made homeless by the bushfires....UP to 2,000 bushfire victims are to be accommodated on Australian Defence Force (ADF) bases Up to 1,200 beds in communal accommodation would be made available at the army base at Puckapunyal, near Seymour, close to the fire-affected areas. 150 beds would be made available at Maygar Barracks, near Broadmeadows in Melbourne. The RAAF base at East Sale, in Gippsland, will provide accommodation for up to 500 people, including 150 places with disabled access. Another 200 could be accommodated at the navy base, HMAS Cerberus, on the Mornington Peninsula. Another RAAF base at Point Cook, southwest of Melbourne, will be able to provide accommodation for 150 people. until better accommodation can be found.


Guadeloupe - Collective against Exploitation - General Strikers

"Nothing got did" " the road to the White House, paved with lies"

lyrics from City That Care Forgot (New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina) Dr. John and the Lower 911

Revolt continues in French Caribbean Feb 16 2009

The leader of the general strike crippling Guadeloupe has accused the French government of preparing to kill protestors to bring an end to the stoppage on the French Caribbean island. "Today, given the number of gendarmes who have arrived in Guadeloupe armed to the teeth, the French state has chosen its natural path: to kill Gaudeloupeans as usual," Elie Domota said on Saturday. Domota is the leader of the Collective against Exploitation (LKP), which groups most of Guadeloupe's unions and political parties and which launched the general strike there on January 20th over low wages and the high cost of living. http://libcom.org/news/revolt-continues-french-caribbean-16022009

Injured Agraquest Biotech Worker David Bell Tells His Story

The biotech industry employs hundreds of thousands of workers in the United States yet the health and safety of workers and communities could be in jeopardy. Injured Agraquest biotech worker David Bell talks about his experience at the Davis based company which was owned by Pam Marrone. He recounts the lack of health and safety production in the genetic engineering laboratory. Bell reports that fungus and bacteria was brought into the country and although he reported it there was not action by government agencies that do oversight in importation of such substances.


Labor On The Job on 12/12/2008 interviews Agraquest biotech workers David Bell. Bell talks about his work at the Davis California based company owned by Pam Marrone and how the lack of proper health and safety protection led to his contamination and sickness. He also discusses how the company sought to cover-up their responsibility for his illness and the corruption and breakdown of the workers compensation system along with the failure of health and safety regulatory agencies such as OSHA.

Social (in) Security - Centre Link/stink

"DOLE BLUDGERS" Back in the 1980s the Unemployed Workers Union (before it imploded due to competing leninist sects boring from within & squabbling bored away everyone else ) used to hold open air meetings at abandoned/empty sites like servos/petrol stations. Since then they fence them in much more securely, coincidentally ?

"SIT-DOWN MONEY" One building used by UWU in Northcote used for claimants advice sessions etc was evicted by the Tactical Response Group who came through roof and upstairs windows for show and practice for their political Masters. Irony was the building was then turned into a social security office. More ironic still that office was closed as Howard Inc centralised Centre-link offices. The 'service" (of hassling the jobless) was sub contracted out & sites sold off to mates. The "Opposition Leadership" now First Family of Oz Battlers Mrs Rudd aka Terse Reign set up a privatised job agency and made mega bucks in the Family/National Interest.

100+ rally in support of 7-Eleven workers in Geelong

100+ rally in support of 7-Eleven workers in Geelong By UNITE member, Kirk Leonard http://www.unite.org.au/2009/02/16/100-rally-in-support-of-7-eleven-workers/

On Friday February 13 more than 100 people attended a rally outside the 7-Eleven store in the heart of Geelong. The protest called for 7-Eleven to start paying its workers the legal minimum wage and for all unpaid wages to be paid back to them. The rally was also demanding that one of the workers, who was sacked for making a complaint, be reinstated.

This particular 7-Eleven store on Moorabool Street is particularly dodgy. The operator makes any new employees work for up to 2 months in what he calls an “unpaid trial”. When he realised that some of the workers were thinking of reporting his illegal behavior to the Workplace Ombudsman, he threatened them with violence.

Wedgewood "sit-in" first of many + James Money

Wedgwood sit-in is the first of many: The Wedgewood Waterford workers' protest over the administration may become a trend, say experts Written by David Jetuah Accountancy Age, 12 Feb 2009


The occupation of a Waterford Wedgewood factory by workers in protest over the company being put into administration represents a new worry for insolvency practitioners. Experts believe the sit-in protest by angry workers at the Waterford Wedgewood crystal factory in Ireland is unlikely to be a one-off incident.

The protest at the 250-year-old crystal and crockery maker was still continuing as Accountancy Age went to press. Last week 13 workers at the company also marched into the head office reception of the company’s auditor Deloitte to protest over the actions of the receiver David Carson. The deadlock at Deloitte’s office only ended after a meeting between two Waterford workers and Deloitte senior partners.

Ukraine: Meeting of workers of occupied factory in Kherson - anarchist report

Ukraine: Meeting of workers of occupied factory in Kherson - anarchist report Friday, February 13 2009

Russian original: news.zaraz.org Original, machine translation fixed by English speaker: mollymew.blogspot.com (also some more amended machine translations available there) Molly's translation corrected by Russian speaker: avtonom.org T

hroughout the night before the rally we did banners and a variety of posters and an action plan for the next rally. In the morning at 10 o'clock we met comrades from Kiev and immediately headed for the seized plant, which is approximately 5 minutes walk from the station. By the morning we made some 15 posters with the slogans - «The workers and students together», «Kherson Today and tomorrow the whole Ukraine», «One solution - the resistance», «To workers: plant, wages, worker control», «Revolution NOW» etc., and one big banner - «Do not give up, keep up the strike». ----

Ms Fortune Teller predicts

Been staring into my tea cup reading the leaves therein and here we go: here we go HERE WE GO !

possible scenario uno: European General Strike is coming (East and West, North & South) and is the key that fits the lock to freedom (from wage-slavery-Capitalism) Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Ukraine, Latvia are restless awaiting proles in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Czechs & Serbia etc to look beyond their national borders, craft or industry, political and religious cultures used to divide and rule them as Nationalism. Instead to organise international working class solidarity.

The diaspora of Europeans around the world (all once were economic refugees) have no choice but to consider what they are going to do too ? In economically depressed America - like Europe - is about to thaw into a hot Spring of class warfare..resist evictions, occupy shut down worksites kick start direct democracy and maybe even bring the troops home from Iraq etc.


It has been one hell of a couple of weeks. Our condolences to all who have suffered from the fires. With the devastating heat seemingly past, it seems time to rebuild and regrow for us all. There's nothing that says new life like a seedling. Well maybe an actual golden phoenix would be better. But a carrot is plenty cool too... Welcome to a permablitz newsletter, our first for 2009. With lots of amazing stuff in it. Like Permablitz: The Movie!, the Dawning Era of the Chook, a food swap at the Sustainable Living Festival, a call out for your experiences with the heat, wisdom from a handlebar moustache, plus of course upcoming blitzes, courses and much much more.


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