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Regional Organising Committee

When you don't know or have forgotten why it is the IWW advocates the aboliton of the wages system.....

The IWW is a revolutionary organisation because it advocates the abolition of the current system of production--the wages system. This distinguishes us from garden variety leftist groups as we are not just asking for parts of the social product of our labour e.g. a better, more comprehensive medicare system which by-passes private, commodified sales of health insurance, we're organising for the eventual TOTAL return of the social product to the democratic control of its producers, the working class. We have a critiique of the the wages system which is based in the everyday life of the working class. Workers produce the wealth of the world using what if found in Nature and their own brain and muscle. Why is it that they have to struggle to keep their heads above water? It's the wages system. Why is it that they have virtually no political power? They're unorganised as a class. Being organised as a class would give workers the power to control the wealth they create. As long as capitalists and landlords control the lion's share of the wealth workers produce, workers insterests will take a backseat to the interests of their rulers.

ROC email minutes - February 2007

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I.W.W. ROC (Australia)

Minutes 15 February 2007

Virtually present : Mike (Sec/Treas), Meela (IT)

Report upon allegations made by Greg. W. from Queensland:

Greg claimed that on two occasions he had been able to organise workers to take industrial action and had approached the IWW to take the action in the IWW name and for support and was knocked back and told he had to wait a year to get the confidence of the ROC.

Still do not know what happened here and why. I am coming to the conclusion that it is not all bullshit as I originally thought. According to Gregg "it would have to be at least two years ago now regarding the warehouse issue and I attempted to make contact I think about 1 1/2 years ago regarding my friends' workplace."

We Need to Stick Together

Who are we? The IWW is an international union over a century old. The first Australian branch was formed in Adelaide in 1907. The Wobblies were the genesis of many of today's major trade unions. Many current unions organize on the basis of wobbly philosophies and using wobbly methods. The IWW is thoroughly democratic – all delegates are rotated, recallable and unpaid. We only have one modestly paid official worldwide. Unlike trade unions, the wobblies are syndicalist which means that we believe in independent, truly democratic organizing. We believe that every workplace has the right to determine their own actions and should not be controlled by top-heavy bureaucratic union bosses.

Delegate forms

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IWW Extraordinary General Meeting

Saturday May 13, at Jura Books, 440 Parramatta Road Petersham. About 12pm.

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