To take on the problems not accept them

Parliamentary Cretinism

Haw!  You've got to hand it to Freddy...." and almost each particular section of the possessing class has its representatives in each of the two parties to a very large degree".  What a guy!  And today, we on the left with our Zeitgeists and populist rants about the Fed, supporting all kinds of nationalisms and very little, if any, class analysis, hear a voice from the past making a class analysis which brings clarity to the mess we're in: the rule of Capital.  The bourgeois democratic electoral system is, of course, rigged to produce a consistent result: the continued rule of Capital.  Reforms are modifications of this rule, to be sure; but they don't change the basic social relation based on the continued political servility of the working class i.e. wage labour.  And as long as people like Engels can be put in the 'out of date' box, we'll have, "contempt for all theory....and be...

Commodities are barriers to use-values for those who aren't wealthy.

My impression is that the general purpose of private healthcare in Australia is to give the purchaser the right to jump the queue. The effect is to put the poor at the end of the line for healthcare. This is an example of the lack of morality which bourgeois individualism is based on: my freedom is your unfreedom and it's all tied up with commodification of need i.e. putting a price on human life. The commodity barrier is also key in keeping those without wealth away from political power and giving access to the political ears that be to the likes of Twiggy Forrest, Gina Reinhardt and their ilk.

Direct unionism in practice: undermining service industry barriers to worker solidarity

This response is primarily written with the intention of facilitating an introduction to Direct Unionism for service workers who are very new to labour. We hope to participate in the DU discussion, and share with those interested how we have been affected by these conversations and also how we are practicing and implementing these ideas.


Indian workers kill their boss following the murder of a union leader

During clashes between workers and police outside an Indian ceramics factory, local police murder a union leader. The workers retaliate by murdering a senior company executive, and burning down several company premises.

Italian taxi drivers and truckers strike against fuel prices and economic reform

Taxi drivers and truckers across Italy set up road blocks in a protests against record fuel prices, and government reforms to 'free up' their work sectors. More strikes are planned for the coming weeks and months across a variety of sectors.

Israeli Military Prepares for Massive Gaza Invasion ‘Within Months’

The Jerusalem Post reports today that Israel’s military has ordered its Southern Command to prepare for a “large scale” invasion of the Gaza Strip, likely to begin within the next few months.

The Police: The Case Against

There is a commonly held assumption that the police are a necessary presence in a civilised society, one that ensures the preservation of social order. And yet this assumption is deeply ideological, blurring the distinction between the act of policing with the existence of an institutional police force.

Weakening the Dam

A pamphlet put out by the Twin Cities IWW branch for the purpose of promoting the development of workplace organisers, based on their experiences of organising at work. It offers the sort of practical advice we could all be implementing in our own workplaces.

Class conscious unionism is made illegal by the capitalist class. Segregation was once legal. Do we accept wage-slavery?

 If your union breaks labour law in Australia, your union is 'de-certified'. As long as unions are committed to being 'in business', this 'de-certification threat will be an effective block to workers' power in controlling wages and working conditions. Radical subjectivity is the basis of any effective movement towards more freedom and that's what 'progressive' means for the working class: progressing out of wage-slavery toward more freedom. Playing by the rules set up by the ruling class through their polytricksters only ensures a handcuffed working class forced in to class collaboration. Fascists taught the democratic bourgeoisie how to deal with the class struggle--make it illegal.

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