To take on the problems not accept them

Brisbane IWW Meeting August

After some rest time, we are ready to get busy again. Brisbane IWW will have it's next meeting Sunday, 4th August, 2013. Meeting at 12pm, at 69 Thomas St, West End. All welcome. Lots of energy floating around, so it is time to get organised! Also keep in touch with what's happening through the Brisbane Solidarity Network

Sydney IWW May Day Party against Work

With May day around the corner why not let your hair down and take a sicky and remember those who fought the real struggles to get your current standard of living.

20 years in the IWW

I have been a member of the IWW since 1990 and am just as sure of its tactics and ideals today as I was then. Party politics come befoer members rights or condtitons , party lines are put before bread lines, The apathy of peopel to a system that ignores them at best and exploits them in miond and body astounds me, change only comes if you fight voting only gets you a trip to the ballot box.

--DATE CHANGE--DEFEND THE JOY ORGANISE THE RAGE! Community and wobblies picnic

Friends and friends and friends

Let's have some fun! food, games, sport, music, face painting, bubbles

Wheelchair, kids and pets accessible

Saturday 9 February 12:30 Enmore Park                                  


India Gurgaon Workers News

GurgaonWorkersNews no.53 - December 2012


*** A worker's Life - What all we/you do - FaridabadMajdoorSamachar no.288


War, Media and Wikileaks

War, Media and WikiLeaks



Public Meeting

Thursday 6th December, 8pm

Support PAMSU activists sacked


I'm emailing in support of  a union activist who's been victimised for standing up on the job.  I'm demanding he get his job back and that Pret stop victimising all union activists.  Until this happens, I won't be shopping at Pret and I'll be spreading word of this campaign to everyone I know.I'm also concerned that I've heard of complaints of food safety violations in the York Way store.  I hope this isn't true.Viola Wilkins

support PAMSU (


Grubby Creatures Geelong


NEGOTIATIONS have broken down between brewing giant Lion and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union over the Little Creatures development in Geelong.

HSU Jacksonville - clean sweep team up



Danny Glover, the star of Lethal Weapon and other Hollywood blockbusters, delivered a message to the LabourStart conference which opened yesterday in Sydney, Australia.  

I'd like to ask you to take a minute to watch the video:

Then please sign up to the online campaign, here:

Here's why:

Management at Nissan’s plant in Mississippi is running an aggressive and sophisticated anti-union campaign against its employees who are forming a union to achieve a voice in the workplace. 

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