Beware! (W. H. Levy 1916)

I hear the clang of a mighty chain,
I see the furnace glare,
They’re forging fetters for you, my friends,
Ho! Working –class beware.

For the brand of the hot iron ready
Your flesh you are asked to bear,
Before your blood is seared to steam,
O! Working Class beware.

Once let the yoke around your neck,
For ever ‘twill be there,
Your only chance is now, my friends,
O! Working Class beware.

It sits not light, but galls with weight,
Your groans will rend the air
Before you make that sacrifice
O! Working Class beware.

Without your leave, without your vote,
They’d chain you did they dare,
While still you have such liberty
O! Working Class beware.

You know their end, you’ve but to read,
To learn how others fare,
Beneath conscriptions deadly yoke.
So Working Class Beware.

Keep what you’ve won, and forfeit naught,
Enjoy your freedom rare
They fear your growing might, O! friends
So Working Class beware.

The way for Prussian tyranny,
Conscription will prepare
O! as you treasure freedom

W. H. Levey, Direct Action October 28 1916