Police investigate

Military Intelligence Files - Australian Archives - PP 14 S4 B1 - 5th Military District W.A.
File 16/1/54 - Police Department - CIB Fremantle - 27th January 1917

Re Independent Workers of the World
Report: to Detective O'Brien
I beg to report that the above mentioned have an office in Philamore Street for the last three or four weeks.  I have not heard of any meetings being held there.  Please find the names of those connected with it and a copy of one of the placards exhibited in the window attached.
(Sgd) J. Porter
The Independent Workers of the World
Office in Philamore St., next door to His Majesty's Hotel
Secretary: Thomas Riley
Ass. Secretary:  H. S. Clarke
General Executive Board: Charles E. Day,  J. Bryan, C.T. Reeve, George Bailey
Placard exhibited in the window: Don’t scab on the unemployed.  Slow work means more jobs. More jobs, less competition -Less competition, higher wages.  Fast workers  die young, some one has to be slowest, let it be you.  Get wise to the I.W.W. tactics, organise on the job.  Put the boot in. Sabotage.  Kick like hell.