a failure of intelligence

Reds invaded Afghanistan!
Imagine that! if you can,
so we had to support the Mujahiddin,
the brave freedom fighting Mujahiddin.
Their forces we both trained and equipped,
but 9/11 something slipped
- ‘twas a failure of intelligence

It makes me mad!
Things were so bad.
We were fighting the Evil Empire.
Fifty thousand atom bombs we did require!
Then the wicked empire it went ping,
(‘twas only held together by string)
- ‘twas a failure of intelligence

We could be under attack,
If we didn’t go to Iraq,
From those weapons of mass destruction.
(Oh save us from those weapons of mass destruction!)
But when we got there,
The cupboard was bare
‘twas a failure of intelligence.

Wealth working people create day by day,
It can be used in more than one way.
We could make this world a paradise,
(It really could be very very nice!)
But a trillion a year
Goes on destruction and fear
And a thousand kids every day
Lacking clean water they pass away.
- It’s a failure of intelligence.

Workers what do we lack that capitalism remain?
Or do we just have shit for brain?
Is it a simple failure of intelligence?