Third Voice Alliance

Comrades, The following recently appeared at

Good idea, (albeit yet again) an attempt to bring some kind of unity, what does anyone think? pjl


Hi I'm one of the central steering committee members, responsible for communication, of the Third Voice Alliance, a new political movement aimed at increasing the cooperation between the progressive minor parties and opposition groups and community organisations to form a real Opposition to the dangerous neo-conservative trend in federal and state politics.

It's our opinion, much as it is yours, that there are thousands of disillusioned, disenfranchised people out there who need an organisation that will represent their views and re-empower them as participatory citizens of our democracy. I've talked briefly with Resist before about the question of cooperation, and I think this was misinterpreted as a move to persuade you to join with us. It certainly wasn't that intention: we're not a political party, we're not interested in absorbing other groups, we're looking for allies who can join us, when necessary, in combined actions where our respective charters, or policies, dovetail.

There's a tremendous opposition to neo-conservatism in Australia, but it's our feeling that this will only become truly effective when what are now widely disparate groups start working together.

Your own profile, opinions and policies are your business. We just want to feel that you'll stand with us and take part in joint campaign when necessary.

As a start, we'd like to arrange reciprocal links -- we'll link you from our site -- / -- and hopefully you'll link to us from yours. Good luck, and best wishes derek maitland Third Voice Alliance

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