Sydney IWW May Day Party against Work

With May day around the corner why not let your hair down and take a sicky and remember those who fought the real struggles to get your current standard of living.

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May Day 2013

Sydney IWW at the University

Sydney IWW at the University of Sydney have been involved in starting the ‘University Worker and Student Assembly’, which has met over the past 14 months organising on campus. Whilst this is not quite a job branch, it has been a regular meeting space involving IWWs and non-IWW staff and students in organising on campus. We have produced fliers and analysis of the unfolding of the events of the dispute. We have spent many hours talking one on one with workers at the university about the dispute, their conditions and grievances. Sydney wobblies are involved in a delegates network at USYD, and also in the casual workers network on campus. Other wobblies have been involved in a project called ‘Glass Warfare’ on campus. At each point throughout the dispute, and in an every day sense, Sydney IWWs have been playing an active role in organising and campaigning at USYD. IWW members were active in organising and participating in the strike held at USYD on March 7th, 2013.

Sydney Branch Meeting Sat 21st Sept

Our monthly meet and social is on and this month as usual at the Petersham Community Bowling Club from 3pm down stairs in the Committee room,  the Sydney Uni Actions and the upcoming OZ IWW ellection will be on the agenda, all and sundry welcome and kids are never a problem

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