20 years in the IWW

I have been a member of the IWW since 1990 and am just as sure of its tactics and ideals today as I was then. Party politics come befoer members rights or condtitons , party lines are put before bread lines, The apathy of peopel to a system that ignores them at best and exploits them in miond and body astounds me, change only comes if you fight voting only gets you a trip to the ballot box.

Why do people insist that

Let me correct the begining I joined the IWW in 1990 and set up the Sydney branch in 2000, and have been a paid up member fro 23 consecutive years.

Why do people insist that each new generation of pollies will some how be better than the last? political power is only good to those with the means to bend the whim of the rich, economic power is available to every one, you with draw you money from the equation and big bussiness takes notice you with draw your vote and no one cares.

More signs of the political

More signs of the political insanity that we call a democratic state, not only Does julia gillard not have the support of the people she has not got the support of her party but stil she hold power, does it not become obvious when power is the motivating force for political office that consent public good and the greater good go out the window!

Political round about

So Kevin is back incharge or the sinking ship Labor, who cares it will maker not one iota of difference to the working people of this country, WAKE UP!  the guiding line of the Westminster system is 'Be seen to be doing right" understand the language that is used agaist you people, this is an entrenched doctrine goin back 300 years, you don't have to do any thing just be seen to do what will placate the voters, , and what ever goes on behind the seen is allowable so long as you don't get caught. We as a populus continually bemoan the fact that Polli "A" has their hand in the till, is wroughting some expense account or favouring this gruoup over that but do we ever get off our asses and insist on real change? No because 6 month later someone else is cuaght out and this has been goin on since white people landed in Australia, it isn't news, don't believe me read your history the Labor party was founded on the notion of votes only for land holders and Men, every Polli is on the take you don't go into politics to effect change you go in to see what you can get away with.

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