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I'm emailing in support of  a union activist who's been victimised for standing up on the job.  I'm demanding he get his job back and that Pret stop victimising all union activists.  Until this happens, I won't be shopping at Pret and I'll be spreading word of this campaign to everyone I know.I'm also concerned that I've heard of complaints of food safety violations in the York Way store.  I hope this isn't true.Viola Wilkins

support PAMSU (


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more international solidarity

Dismissed Mölnlycke workers continue their struggle. 

Make Mölnlycke Care!

call for the reinstatement of unfairly dismissed workers producing hospital gowns in Thailand!

More than one year of worker’s struggle has not moved the company Mölnlycke Health Care (Thailand) Ltd., the Thai subsidiary of a Swedish multinational, to reinstate 22 union members that were unfairly dismissed in September 2011. The company produces hospital gowns for among others public health institutions in  Sweden and  Norway. 

Norwegian health institutions  recently announced it would be particulary hard to sign a new contract with Mölnlycke given the company's continued refusal to reinstate the workers even after a national tripartite body ordered them to do so.  

Mölnlycke produces a wide range of other medical devices in several countries, including Indonesia, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Please take action to support the Thai workers and send an email to Mönlycke Headquarters

thank you for your support,Clean Clothes Campaign


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