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NEGOTIATIONS have broken down between brewing giant Lion and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union over the Little Creatures development in Geelong.

Picketers could return to the gates of the Old Valley Mill site in South Geelong as early as today after talks reached a stalemate late last week over sub-contractor TFG Group's use of non-union labour."There appears to be a clear division between the wishes of the union and those of TFG and its workers," a Lion spokeswoman said."Despite the failure to come to any arrangement, Lion hopes those involved in the illegal picket will see sense and not continue to disrupt a potentially great investment and jobs story for Geelong."The picket was lifted for a second time last week. Protester Lisa Gleeson could not say if the picket would return."We are certainly much more concerned about reaching a peaceful resolution than any company propaganda would have people believe," Ms Gleeson said."A lot of people watching this see it as a slippery slope, that if companies stonewall and lock out and use sham contracting, what precedent does it set for any other workplace in the community?"TFG, which is installing brewing equipment, claims its workers did not want an industrial agreement."Our position remains that we are not doing anything wrong and that the unions are simply pursuing an ideological objection," TFG general manager Tom Moultrie said."If the picket resumes we are committed to taking legal action against any individuals who break the law."The Little Creatures battle moved into the political arena with Premier Ted Baillieu claiming national laws were needed to head off industrial pickets.Mr Baillieu also launched a broadside at Opposition leader Daniel Andrews, who last week reportedly claimed he was unaware of the long-running dispute."This is one of the biggest industrial disputes going on. It has attracted attention from all over Australia," Mr Baillieu said. "It's extraordinary, out of touch, and symbolic of a Labor Party that will not intervene in any way," he said.


Community boycott against Little Creatures Brewing, owned by multinational company Lion. MEDIA: See description for photo disclaimer.DescriptionLittle Creatures Brewing are trying to refit an old factory in Geelong, Crn of Fyans Road and Swanston Street. They are not communicating with the local community or workers or as to who will be working there or under what agreements they will be working under. Their way of communicating was to lock the gates, lock out the unions and hire security. TFG Group wants to appoint their own Health & Safety Representatives, in contradiction to Victorian law.Geelong is an industrial city, with many trades, and there's not an abundance of work. Thus the outcry at the lack of communication AND agreement on employment conditions.Community members have been boycotting the company and protesting in front of the gate since Monday 22 October 5am. --------------------------------------------------------------------------T-shirts are in. They're $25 each and pick up is from Geelong Trades Hall. Start placing orders, we'll order more if we need to.

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