Can the IWW negotiate an EBA?


The IWW is not an employee organisation registered with the Fair Work Comission. This means the IWW cannot represent you in formal proceedings before the Comission. We don't think that's a bad thing, because the Fair Work Act takes away all the tools the workers have in negotiating with the boss. We prefer direct action. That means making demands directly to the boss and if they say refuse to treat us fairly, hitting them where it hurts - in the wallet!

While the IWW can't bargain for you if you're making an agreement, we can help you set up what's called a "workplace group". A workplace group is a group of employees in any workplace, and they can negotiate agreements with an employer. It will be up to you and the people you work with, but we'll be with you every step of the way. The IWW means solidarity, autonomy, and democracy. We'll stand by you. Always. But the decisions are made by those on the spot. And those decisions are made democratically. There's not a union beaureaucrat who will make a decision or do the negotiating for you: it's up to you! But we'll give you advice, resources and help you organise.