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No Compromise with Employers or Space Aliens

Nearly fell of my chair this afternoon, watching an episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth. The frightening and awsesomely powerful alien menace demands one-tenth of the world's children for their monstrous purposes, arguing that this is a far better deal than the loss of the entire planet's population in futile resistance. Captain Jack, the square-jawed, pert-buttocked hero confronts the slimy green villian in his executive suite and declares that a wise old friend taught him that:

"An injury to one is an injury to all!"

Disabled Our Microblog Thingy

…because it was only being used by spammers. Have been intending to install a later version, which has some spam control mechanisms, but I think I'll hold on for something that integrates better with this site.

OpenID and IWW Microblog

Finally got a chance to play this afternoon/evening. Have installed/enabled the OpenID Provider module, which allows you to use your user account at as your identity on other web services. On your user page, you'll find your OpenID URL which you can use in place of a username and password on other sites which support OpenID.

One such site is the new IWW Australia microblog. Don't know if this will prove popular, but it's worth a try, if only to find out if it's possible for revolutionaries to express any idea at less than manifesto length. It runs on free software called Laconica, which is similar to but better than Twitter.

Ideas for Website[s] and Other Geeky Stuff

Post 'em here.

Those Crazy Christians!

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon and associated death and suffering has been greeted with giddy delight by some, Harpers magazine reports. As shocking as these grotesquely inhumane delusions are, it is some consolation that perhaps it will distract them from child beating for a while.

We Fight Dirty

The Devolution of Honesty and Ethics in High Office

"Read my lips; no new taxes." - Bush I
Probably a lie. Possibly a genuine mistake.
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." - Clinton
Definitely a lie. About something that's none of our business.
"We do not torture." - Bush II

The Golden Age of Bipedal Swine

For most of my adult life I have tried to believe in essential human decency; that every human being since the dawn of humanity has carried in them the potential to do good and the will to do it, although this is often frustrated by circumstance or personal weakness. The inverse of the doctrine of original sin, if you like. I feel obliged to declare this in preface to what follows.

I spent the first 20 years of my life as an anglo in the Sutherland Shire, if "life" is the right term for what one has there. Hop in the indispensible car and go from home to work to home to work to home to Westfield shopping mall and repeat for four score years and ten.

The Right to Write

It had to happen: the US Patents and Trademarks Office has published the first patent application to cover a fictional storyline, echoing the example in an article Richard Stallman wrote for the Guardian earlier this year.

The question now is, how long before major entertainmant companies start patenting thousands of random story ideas, with no requirement to actually use any of these ideas themselves, with the intention of silencing authors that do not happen to work for them?

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