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 If you are a working person you might have noticed that there are a lot of things stacked against you. This little page is run by the Industrial Workers of the World; our aim is to even the odds.
We believe that all workers would benefit from forming One Big Union to organise the ongoing struggle against all those who think themselves our betters. The pre-amble to our constitution ends, "It is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism. The army of production must be organised, not only for everyday struggle with capitalists, but also to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown. By organising industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old."
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Bust the Budget

Now that was a great #bustthebudget rally! Thanks to everyone who made it. Les Thomas is working on mixing the studio version of "Budget Reply" now. Lots of big sounds to send the message! Photo via Sarah Hathway Someone switch on the lights and butt out those cigars Cos it’s like we’ve been hit and we’re still seeing stars We all saw the train coming but the wreck’s still a shock Instead of looking to the future here they turn back the clock So the age of entitlement’s come to an end Unless you’re one of their billionaire friends Too bad if you’re sick, or too old or too young When the age of cruelty’s just begun What kind of future do they offer round here When the most in need have the most to fear? They punish the weak to reward the strong And they’re blind to the difference ‘tween right and the wrong Hey Joe, don’t you know? You’re gonna hear our budget reply My doctor took an oath to do no harm So why do you insist they take a leg and an arm? Truth be told, they’d rather let us bleed An emergency indeed

Melbourne IWW members meeting June 15th 1pm at Trades Hall basement

Melbourne IWW members monthly meeting Sunday June 15th from 1pm at Trades Hall Building in Lygon Street Carlton entrance via Victoria Street basement LASNET Offfice.

What's oputrageous ? STOLEN WAGES

What's outrageous ? STOLEN WAGES !What's disgusting ? "Mr Yeatman, a proud old Aboriginal man who was never paid directly for a lifetime of work receives nothing and in the same week Francis Abbott, born of privilege receives a $60,000 scholarship to help her study."Governments have felt entitled to pilfer Indigenous wages for decades and decades. This article makes a good comparison between Frances Abbott getting a $60,000 handout, for her DNA presumably, and a 74-year-old Aboriginal elder gets nothing for years of slave labour.



Oh, police state, our own repressive land G D G - D
True corporate love in all our cops command G A7 D - A7 D
With growing arsenals of weaponry D - G -
We see them fight for thee. C Em D
And stand on guard for governments D - G -
No matter how cor - rupt they may be. A7 - D D7
Oh, police state, stop harassing me. G D G C A7 D
Oh, police state G B7 C
you won’t make folks more free. C G D G
Oh, police state you’re a coward’s fantasy. G C GDG +G7

New words: © Smokey Dymny, June 22, 2002
Originally: “O Canada” by Adolphe B. Routhier, 1839-1920.
Music: C. Lavalee, 1842-91. English words by Stanley Weir.

Murdoch's Minion

Midday today Friday June 6th quadrangle outside Herald-Sun building, City Road, South Bank Melbourne (or organise your own where you are !)more see

70 years pensioners age jubilation (NOT!)

"Volunteer Police" Privatisation

Ken Lay the Police Commissioner elevated (after the last LNP stoush when Ballieu went at Leader in Victoria) stood for the Liberal Party once.Neo-Liberalism Privatisation agenda now targetting Police: more casual employed private security guard patrols; more PSOs on privatised public transport; private companies contract for transportation of prisoners; privatised immigration detention centre guards...what could be worse ? "volunteers" who wanna get tough on crime perhaps ? (Will they be arresting Banksters, dodgy CEOs, donators to the Liberal/National Party racket, fossil fool investors, corrupt Politicians, bosses who let workers die on their sites, etc. unlikely me thinks...)

Chop from the top

Chop from the top or the anti-austerity songby Scott Fife (Tune: My Darling Clementine in 3/4 time) Chop from the top CChop from the top CThat's the place we ought to start C GIt's politicians who need attrition F Cand from bought off ways must part G CChop from the top x 2That's where we need to hackThe cancellation of Corporationsand we take our power back.Chop from the top x 2That's where we'll make the cutsWe'll dispose those CEOskeep their bonus, can their butts.Chop from the top x 2That's where we'll start this timeJail the Banksters, those ruthless gangstersand end their life of crime.Chop from the top x 2That's where we should start firstThe administration needs deflationfrom their bloated size must burst.Chop from the top x 2That's where we should reduceThe pundits we'll make redundantBlowhard's mouths will have no use.Chop from the top x 2That's where we should beginWe'll defeat all the eliteDown they'll go in a tailspin.Chop from the top x 2That's what we should extolllet the bosses take the losses

Australian Minimum Wage increase $18.70 a week (no not $19 an hour alas !) Fair going going gone.

COMMENT Minimum wage in Australia was frozen/decreased in 2009 - the final ruling by the Howard Government’s Fair Pay Commission - when Fair Pay said no increase at all ! This order by the Commissioners who were not on minimum wage of course (then $14 an hour) This is a bad joke & this farce happens every year. Catch up $ increase should be to raise minimum wage to $25 an hour. The capos and murdochs minions would go ballistic.They just had such a debate in Switzerland about large realistic increase to minimum wage there and predictably it also lost. It's the same the whole world over....Aussie ‘fair go’ elusive for our lowest paid workers04 June 2014By ACTUAustralia's 1.5 million low paid workers and their families are facing tough times ahead following the Fair Work Commission's decision to only raise the minimum wage by $18.70 a week.ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said the decision is particularly unfair considering today's National Accounts figures show the economy to be strong, with productivity up, but wages falling behind.

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